Vintage John Deere

My mom keeps a lot of things, and sometimes her “things” get in the way of her living a peaceful life. Recently she has been cleaning closets and rooms in her home and has, as she said, “gotten a lot done. But still have more to do. Can you come over?” Ha ha.. No, I say. I have my own mess to take care of.

During one of those phone calls she said that she found something of mine and she thinks Shaun should have it. She was keeping him that evening so when I picked him up I asked what it was and she handed me my old John Deere zip up hoodie. I remembered that thing! Now Shaun can wear it when he’s big enough.

For most of my childhood my dad worked at John Deere. We had a menagerie of John Deere toys, clothes, and what ever else the company could have dreamt up in the 80s to market their products. One of my favorite possessions was a baseball T-shirt that I dearly loved with “Nothing runs like a Deere” emblazoned on the front. I remember when mom threatened to pitch it because it was full of holes. I believe I even hid it from her, but mom knows everything and she found it and it made its way into the rag pile. Man, I sure wish I had that shirt. Same goes for the toys we managed to destroy. At least one thing survived my childhood.

Eight things

In the eight months that I have been a mother I have learned eight things. Well, maybe more, but the eight for eight things seemed kind of creative. Anyway, here’s what I have learned thus far.

1. Changing diapers is not that big of a deal. I still don’t know why my mother insisted that I practice before Shaun arrived. (I never did. Spence changed all the diapers until we made it home from the hospital). Up until he was born I hadn’t changed a single real diaper in my entire life. Sure I had changed Cabbage Patch doll diapers, but they were always dry, never stunk and were washable.

2. Puke, spitup and burps all stink. Least Shaun’s do. They reek of formula. I don’t know what’s in that (expensive) tub of Similac, but it sure doesn’t smell very appetizing to me. I can handle poop, but puke makes me want to puke myself.

3. Who ever sizes kids clothes doesn’t have any kids. When Shaun was three months old he had clothes that ranged from 0-3 months size to 6 or 9 months. Now at 8 months old he’s still wearing some 9 monthers and mostly 12 months. My sister says don’t go by the size on the tag, but how the clothes fit the kid. She’s right, but you would think manufacturers would be consistent in their madness.

4. Know-it-alls. They are everywhere. And just because you had a kid 5, 10 or 30 years ago, doesn’t make you an expert with MY kid. I know him better than anybody. Sure I will take your advice when offered and think it over, but if it doesn’t make any sense to me or couldn’t be found via google, it’s likely to go in one ear and out the other. I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all myself, but I have figured out some things along this journey so far.

5. Kids are humbling. Especially when they are sick. I’m college educated, but that doesn’t come in very handy when you are trying to figure out why your child is screaming at 2 in the morning. (FYI, has it been fed? Is its butt wet?)

6. Fun. I never thought in a million years, that I could sit with an 8 month old for hours on end watching him play or getting him to play with me. Nor did I think sitting home on a Friday night being entertained by said 8 month old either would be much fun. However, a night out once and a while is entertaining too.

7. Change. Kids change your life. Period. End of story. Never again can you make a quick trip to town or go for a quick ride on your horse. However, you can do those things and much more with a little advanced planning.

8. Cleaning house with kids around is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing. I ran across this quote a while back, and laughed then, but it is SO true now. Granted Spence can still make a mess in record time, Shaun is not far behind.  He must have a good teacher..

Shaun “organizing” his books for mom.