Innocent projects

It started innocently enough. Last night Shaun wanted to play outside. It was the first nice night in a week. The sun was shining and there was no wind. I sat on the steps thinking about how it’d be nice to have shade in the front of the house where all their stuff is and a real chair to sit in. Off to the shopping app on my phone looking for an appropriate solution. That didn’t last long as I had to put the phone away since the youngest was heading for the mud, again.

Today, I had one errand to run at lunch time – to pickup a prescription at the store. I thought, heck, I’m here might as well go see what kind of patio furniture they have left. Not much appealed from browsing through the patio sets at the store, but that’s normal. I did see some plastic lawn chairs, and as I was snapping a pic I thought, I wonder how far the wind would take these? Then I thought, get a “snubber rubber” and attach it to the porch when the wind is going to blow. Why not? We’re pretty redneck as it is.

Driving back to the office I thought, I wonder what I could find on Pinterest to fix up the back “patio” area of our house? I had 30 minutes to kill. I use patio VERY loosely to describe the east side of our house. There’s not much time spent out there, and it’s pretty ugly. How bad is it when I feel as though I accomplished something by pulling out all the cheat grass and weeds from around the air conditioning unit? There’s a non-functional barbecue grill and various odds and ends that need to make it into the trash.

The first thing I ended up pinning was about how to make a fire pit and a cover to keep the kids out when it isn’t being used. It also can double as a table. Perfect I thought. I snapped a pic and texted it to my husband. I’m assuming his non-reply was because I had found another project for him? More looking and pinning.

My 30 minutes on Pinterest turned into 45 and by then I had sketched out a plan to build a patio cover out of pressure treated wood and galvanized metal. That turned into an idea to elevate it and get rid of the steps on the sliding glass door and have a wooden deck area under the new patio cover. Even a pony wall to block out the AC unit and have a little “wind break” for the grill. Lots of plans, lots of plans.

As I tried to get back to work, I wondered if something like this will ever come to fruition. My husband and I have talked about building a garage, and that’s a big step and most likely an expensive one because it would likely be a multi-purpose building, containing an office space, storage room, a place to park vehicles and likely a place for livestock and horse stuff. It’s a dream really.

We’ve dreamed of having a yard and now with all the rain, it’s looking like we have grass and not just weeds. Heck, my husband even spread weed and feed around the yard we do have growing and put out some grass seed in the bare spots on either side of the house. We were both pleased when the grass actually came in and continues to grow. Baby steps. Some day we will have a patio and a garage. It’s only taken us 5 years to have grass!

Looking east from the back door following a rain in early May.

Looking east from the back door following a rain in early May.

PSA #238972398 – cell phones

Cell phones are wonderful inventions. They all have a time and a place, especially in certain circumstances.

Silent mode is a wonderful feature. I don’t know about other cell phones, but my crappy BlackBerry has a red blinking light that lets me know I have an email, missed call, or any other sort of notification. I set it on silent because I don’t want to hear it buzz. I’d much rather hear your goofy ringtone than buzz, buzz, buzz.

They are called mobile phones for a reason. If you have an important call, take it somewhere else. It’s a little less of a distraction to see you answer the phone and then make a quick exit than to force your company to endure the rest of your phone call. I don’t want to hear your supper plans, what the kids did at school today or what your bank balance is. Get up and take the call to a more private place. I will return the favor when its my turn.

Texting. Don’t call someone to see if they got your text, how about reply to the said text? Sure I can see if you are driving, but sitting in your chair at work, there’s no need for a follow-up phone call is there? Same goes for an email..

Cameras. Strange people and or events that would never be believed when the story was being retold are the reason why inventors came up with the camera phone. I want to see that guy with the mullet or the cross-dresser that served you your meal. I want to see that dead snake you killed or the funny thing your kid did.

So please be courteous of your neighbors when it comes to cell phone usage. End of PSA #238972398. Thanks for reading.