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If you haven’t noticed already, I added two new pages to my blog. Tto find them look above the Eye on the Western Sky banner at the top of the page. They are next to About me. Check them out when you have time.

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Pinterest has created a monster

While I was on maternity leave last summer a friend invited me to a new site that she called liquid crack or something of the sort. I was on painkillers, so it’s all still a little fuzzy. Anyway, out of boredom one day I signed up and dove in head first. I literally sat for hours looking at stuff, pinning ideas to my own boards. It was a great escape from daytime television and a screaming child.

Now, months later, I’m still pinning, but not nearly the frequency I was at before. I’ve managed to fill 29 boards with 1,129 pins. Ideas for several Christmas presents came from the site, and I actually finished them and everyone loved them. This past weekend, I actually made a project I had eyeballed on Pinterest a time or two for myself.

My barn wood coat hanger I made with hooks I found at Home Depot and barn wood I scavenged from a falling down barn on our property.

Mine is a little different from the one I pinned, but fits into our decor. I needed a storage solution for our non-existent mud room by the backdoor.  It already had mud and was a room. All it really needed was a place to hang Carhartt’s and coats. Mission accomplished.

Feeling good about what I had done with the first coat rack, I made another with the scrap left over, and hung it in our bed room. The hooks are a bit different, but the wood had just enough character to make me happy.

Another barn wood clothes hanger I made.

Double the confidence from the first two projects compelled me to start planning for a third. I had pinned a barn wood growth chart for Shaun’s room that used simple house numbers as measurements and marks for inches. I went hunting for a perfect piece of barn lumber and managed to find one on Sunday morning while Shaun was napping. Hours later I had my plan of attack and while he was taking his afternoon nap, I proceeded to tape and spray paint my barn wood. Complete and utter EPIC fail. I didn’t even take a photo of it. I didn’t even show my husband. I had proudly showed the two coat racks I had made before and even got his seal of approval. It went straight to the scrap pile. I did find a solution and started over. I even brought my creation in the house, however, I’m not ready to show it off yet or even hang it in Shaun’s room. Time will tell if it continues to reside in the house..