A lot of firsts

A couple of months ago after returning from maternity leave, I was planning my travel schedule, and found that I would have to cover a cattlemen’s meeting in Colorado Springs during mid-June. Last year the same meeting was in Breckenridge, and I tried to get my husband to come with me. To no avail, he had to work. So this year, I worked a little harder on him (practically begged) to get him to take a “vacation” with me. Although I would have to work most of the time we were there, we still had some time to do a couple of fun things, and take Shaun on his first trip.

Our 3-year-old son had never been on vacation, but I didn’t tell him we were going anywhere until the day before we were going to leave. He’s the type of kid that if you tell him something we are going to do fun, he will obsess over it for days. I saved myself some of the agony and only let him wonder for a day. Once we were packed and in the car, only did we explain where we were going. We again saved the fun part – a cog train ride – until we stopped for lunch in Pueblo. That was our ticket for him to get quiet and take a nap. And it worked.

Another first was the hotel. Shaun was kind of confused why we left our suitcases in the room every time we left. He wanted to take his with us each time we left the room. I think it was because it had wheels on it. But eventually the suitcase turned into a mower and the closet became his trailer. (His dad has hauled the mower from the farm to our house a few times, and the kid is obsessed about pickups, tractors, mowers and trailers.) This kept him occupied for a while during the time I was at meetings I believe.

Shaun and his Dad also swam in the indoor pool. He’d had swimming lessons when he was about a year old, but Mom missed the deadline for his 2-year-old year so he didn’t get lessons last year. When I managed to go swim with them, Shaun was clingy and crying and not having much fun. I blame it on him being so tired. Guess we will have to work on that this summer.

Here’s a couple of photos from our trip.

Shaun's excitement could hardly be contained before the train ride.

Shaun’s excitement could hardly be contained before the train ride.

Shaun and his Dad at the Summit.

Shaun and his Dad at the Summit.

IMG_9838 IMG_9821

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