Something for nothing

There’s always someone wanting something for nothing was a text I sent to my sister recently.  She had a horse for sale, and after reading some of the comments on her picture on Facebook, the next thought that came to mind is how can people be so dumb.  There are people who know horses and there are people who think they know horses. But that’s not the point of this blog post.

In recent years, I have tried to become a bargain hunter, and like the challenge of the hunt. The last two Saturdays my Mom or sister, along with me and my kids stopped at a few garage sales. Mom will talk to the people with the item she is wanting and often gets the item for cheaper. Me, I won’t buy it if it isn’t in my price range. I don’t like asking for a cheaper price, but if it’s reasonable I will buy. I’ve had garage sales, and know how much work they are and what a relief it is to get something cleared out of your house. I also find it annoying for people to give a ridiculous price offer for something you know is worth way more.

I had a good childhood. I worked on the family farm, and didn’t have a job until I was in college, and that was mostly during the summers between semesters. I admit I was spoiled. I had a nice pickup to drive, a fuel card and a trailer. My folks gave me a lot. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college and started my first “real world” job that I knew all the sacrifices my folks had to do to give us what we wanted. Now that I am a parent, I want the best for my boys, and if it requires me to sacrifice I will.

There are people in this world who want to take the credit for hard work done. There are also the ones who want to get “their share” even though they didn’t do any of the hard work. I’ve encountered both in my short lifetime, and each and every time it has left a sour taste in my mouth. The most recent comment got me to thinking and researching a way for one aspect of my life to change and hopefully prosper. What this person said was probably thoughtless on her part, but it helped me open my eyes and see what’s really important in life.

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