I used to drink beer

Prior to having kids, whenever I had a trying day at work, I would crack open a beer and enjoy it. Heck, maybe have more than one – sometimes on the porch by myself. In 2009, when I was planning my wedding, there was more than a few Friday nights spent with a friend at a local dive enjoying a pitcher of beer (or several). Even after the wedding was over we’d still go for beers. Her simple text message would read “Beers?” I miss those.

Now that I’m older and a mother of two small children, it’s hard to enjoy beer. Mostly because if my husband is gone and I’m hung over, it will be NO fun to care for a 3-year-old  and a 3.5 month old with a splitting headache and nausea. Nope not doing it. My other reason for limiting beer came just the other day. I was enjoying a beer with my supper when my 3-year-old son said, “Mom are you drinking beer?” Yes son, it’s a beer. “You can’t drink beer. That’s Dad’s.” I looked at his father and just shook my head and replied, “Shaun, I can drink beer if I want!” Sometimes it’s not worth the argument with an insistent 3-year-old.

I used to drink a couple of times a month with friends. We’d go have supper and beers then go somewhere to let our hair down. I’d come home whenever I dang well pleased. Recently, I went with those same friends to a red dirt band here in town, and by 11:30, I was ready to go home. Mostly because it was so incredibly loud in there (am I really that old?), but because I knew my husband had to work the next day, and the boys would be my responsibility. I did however stay for a couple more hours and got to bed at 1:30, and the youngest woke me up at 4 a.m., to remind me I was still his mother.

Now that I don’t have that easy of an outlet to let out my anger and frustrations with life, it shows up in other ways.  Passive-aggressive social media posts get those negative thoughts out and let me commiserate with others in my circles. I trade text messages with my sister and a couple other friends to get the crappy thoughts out otherwise I just might explode. And then there are my blog posts.

But, every now and then I will have that cold Coors Light, Shaun.



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