Yes, I’m a potty mouth

There came a point in my teenage years that I started cussing. Growing up I remember getting punished for saying a bad word or two. Now it has turned into a very bad habit, that’s going to take a lot to break.

I think cussing was my outlet growing up. I had to be naughty some where. I was a good student, never in trouble and hardly got punished at home or in school. Heck, I didn’t get a detention until 6th grade, and that was for a missing assignment or book, I can’t remember which. I didn’t get sent to the principal’s office until I was a freshman in high school, and you may have guessed it, I cussed in class.

Now that I’m a mother, it’s become even harder for me to break the cussing habit. I often get frustrated and sometimes spout off and let the bad words fly. Last Sunday I was just that, frustrated. It seemed like there was endless lines wherever we went, nowhere to park and it just wasn’t a good day. Exasperated, I said, “what is with all these f****** cars,” when we pulled into the grocery store parking lot. My husband looked at me annoyed by my choice of words in front of our son, and no sooner than his glare flashed in my eyes, Shaun repeated word-for-word, what I had just said. I was embarrassed. My husband was disappointed.

Something has got to change. I can’t be the mother with the potty mouth that has a little boy with the same mouth. I want him to be smart and articulate and use his words for good, not bad. I guess for now, I will have to find a another outlet!

And if you have suggestions or tips to help me break the cussing habit, I am all ears.

My two-year-old, Shaun or repeat, as I often call him since he has to say everything I do.

My two-year-old, Shaun or repeat, as I often call him since he has to say everything I do.

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