Wordless Wednesday


Looking toward Horseshoe Falls at Niagra Falls from the Maid of the Mist boat ride.

Conflicting interests

There are events in life where I feel conflicted by my journalism training and feel the urge to report on an event but in doing that I might come across the wrong way. Not my intention at all just what comes easiest to me.

I often later question wether the words I chose were the right ones or if they will come across as harsh and uncaring. Words like fatality, killed or even death don’t sit right with me and I avoid them. But it’s hard not to use them when you “report” the facts.

On Saturday I found out about an accident that took away a young nephew of my brother in laws. I shared the first link I found and of course it had a photo if the accident scene. Later on Facebook the news outlet I shared the link from had updated the photo with Drake’s baseball photo. Several of the comments mentioned seeing him doing something he loved instead of the end of his life. Instantly I felt bad for posting the original link but then the reporter in me came out. Some people wouldn’t want to see the horrific photo but others would. I was torn and almost took it down but thought if someone can learn from that accident I want them to remember that mangled car.

God has a plan and he must have needed a pitcher and quarterback in heaven. Life is short, play hard Drake.