I admit it. I have been a blog slacker for the past couple of weeks. But to be fair, I have also been a slacker in other areas of my life as well. My house is a wreck, and I have been concentrating on Christmas gifts and happenings and all the preparations involved with the holiday. We have one Christmas event left for this Sunday and then New Years.

In my defense, a lot of the Christmas gifts intended for family have been homemade. For our nieces I made tutu bags. Actually I bought the bags and embellished them to fit each one’s personality. I made photo tile coasters for more gifts, and it’s hard to believe how hard it is to pic photos that you think the recipients would like paired together. I also has a friend buy several pieces of my alphabet art. Again, hard to pick photos you think people might like.

And then there’s this guy. It’s hard to resist this face!


Out of the mouths of babes

Since my little boy is a little older and curious about everything, I often try to go grocery shopping without him. Last night I had no other choice but to take him with me. The cart I chose didn’t have a seat belt that was operational, so I hoped and prayed that I could keep track of him and not let him fall. I should have went back for another one, but I was in a hurry.

Off we went looking for the things on our list. We had barely gotten into the produce section when Shaun started saying, “Hi!” to about everyone that crossed our path. I think about everyone we encountered got a chuckle out of his inhibition of talking to strangers.

A little while later we were in another aisle searching for honey. When I got to the end of the row and found the honey, I waited for a cart to come around the corner. Pushing it was an elderly gentleman. He had his head down and looked a little lonely. (Maybe he wasn’t but that was my first impression.) Shaun piped up again, looked square at the guy and said “Hi!” The old man perked up and smiled and talked back to him. Afterwards I sure hoped that my little boy had made that gentleman’s night. His eyes sure seemed brighter when Shaun had paid attention to him. I sure hope Shaun continues to be friendly to people. There was a time in his young life that he was scared of them.

I have to remind myself to be nice to people, and occasionally look them in the eye and smile. You never know what their story is.

How can you not smile at this face?

How can you not smile at this face?