Despise this time of year

Despise may be too strong of a word, but I completely dislike this time of year. Mother Nature teases us with warm summer-like days with highs in the 80s and sometimes 90s. Night-time lows are in the 50s. Despite feeling like summer during the day, the cool mornings remind me that I can no longer venture out to feed horses in my shorts. Then she throws us a curve ball with a cold front and we get issued freeze warnings.

One morning last week it was windy and I could hear it blowing before I even got out of bed. First thought was, “I wonder how much hay blew away?” As I pushed the back door open I had to fight with it to get out. Not cool. Plus it required a coat to be worn, and long pants. Both of which I can’t stand. As I got ready for work, I couldn’t go out of the house with wet hair (otherwise I’d be cold all day). Then I had to dig out a sweater. Remembering where I packed them away in the closet was not a task for someone who had barely been awake an hour.

Mother Nature must like being a tease, but I sure don’t care for it. At least it makes for neat photos every once in a while.

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