Vintage John Deere

My mom keeps a lot of things, and sometimes her “things” get in the way of her living a peaceful life. Recently she has been cleaning closets and rooms in her home and has, as she said, “gotten a lot done. But still have more to do. Can you come over?” Ha ha.. No, I say. I have my own mess to take care of.

During one of those phone calls she said that she found something of mine and she thinks Shaun should have it. She was keeping him that evening so when I picked him up I asked what it was and she handed me my old John Deere zip up hoodie. I remembered that thing! Now Shaun can wear it when he’s big enough.

For most of my childhood my dad worked at John Deere. We had a menagerie of John Deere toys, clothes, and what ever else the company could have dreamt up in the 80s to market their products. One of my favorite possessions was a baseball T-shirt that I dearly loved with “Nothing runs like a Deere” emblazoned on the front. I remember when mom threatened to pitch it because it was full of holes. I believe I even hid it from her, but mom knows everything and she found it and it made its way into the rag pile. Man, I sure wish I had that shirt. Same goes for the toys we managed to destroy. At least one thing survived my childhood.

Why is it when…

Why is it when a girl in high school gets a serious boyfriend, people always ask, “Are you going to wear his class ring?

Why is it when a girl has a serious boyfriend in high school they are expected to go to prom together?

Why is it when that first serious boyfriend breaks a girl’s heart it takes a while to recover?

Why is it when people date for long periods of time, the most often question asked is, “when are you going to get married?”

Why is it when couple dates for a long time, and moves in together, why do people ask, “when are you going to get married?”

Why is it when said couple lives together for seven years and decides to get married, the comment most often heard is, “It’s about damned time!” or “We had given up on you getting married!”

Why is it when said couple finally ties the knot, and they are getting comfortable being a married couple, the most common question is, “When are you going to have kids?”

Why is it when the said couple has finally fended off the kids question, they surprise everyone with something?

Now that the surprise is here and said couple is enjoying a family of three, the most often question asked is, “Doesn’t he need a sister to play with?

Why do people ask such questions!?!? No! He doesn’t need a sibling. Mom has enough trouble keeping up!

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