Two weeks already?

Has it really already been two weeks since my last post? Wow. I’ve turned into a terrible blogger. But, in  my defense, I have been preoccupied.

First there was Shaun’s swimming lessons. Each evening for two weeks we hurried to the city pool after work for 30 minutes of Parent/Child swimming lessons. When they are ages 1 to 3, the lessons are more about getting the kids used to the water and not being scared. Shaun passed with flying colors and didn’t shed a tear. I however about did. The day after his first lesson he developed a fever and an ugly-looking rash. I got him to the doctor and he apparently had what they called hot-tub rash. Antibiotics cleared it right up and we lucked out with lessons being canceled one night because of the threat of lightning. The rest of the lessons went off with out a hitch and dad even got to join us one evening.

All smiles after our first swimming lesson.

This past week I entered two rodeos and had my new hat squared down tight. Thought maybe it might be bad luck when I dropped and broke a mirror while I was shaping it. But can you call getting rained on bad luck? In a drought, not so much. My horse can handle running in the mud, and as sandy as the ground was we did just fine considering the conditions. I was surprised they didn’t call the rodeo for an hour or so as hard as the wind was blowing and how it was raining. The lightening was unbelievably close and very loud. And of course the arena lights go off during the middle of the team roping. The barrel racers had to wait for them to come back on before they could run. We ended up about .7 off the fast time, and all the checks for the barrel racing were won on the dry ground the following day.

Despite the rain at Sublette July 25, David Seymour of Lone S Photo even managed to get photos of the barrel racers.

The good thing about rodeos is there is always another on to go to. And that’s what my sister and I did. We headed to Ashland, to their county fair rodeo. I had my horse in tow, her not so much. He had to stay home since he somehow managed to hurt himself between the two rodeos. My mare turned a heck of a first barrel, and I knew it could be fast, so I hurried her on to the second and hit the darn thing. Total pilot error. Couldn’t fault the mare at all. Me on the other hand… And then we had nearly made it back to Dodge City when a trailer tire blew. Come to find out my spare was flat and my spinner wrench was the wrong size. Awesome. Thanks to torsion axles we were able to limp it home. So much for being home before midnight!

Sunset at the Ashland rodeo.

And finally, Friday most of the office is headed out to Albuquerque, N.M., for the annual Ag Media Summit. My office mate and I are attending a photo workshop Friday/Saturday and then the other sessions begin Monday. Hopefully there will be some down time in between learning, as I could use a vacation. Even if it is a working vacation! Stay tuned for photos.

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