Stuck in memory lane

Before yesterday I have only been able to ride my horse twice in the last month. Sure there were times when I could have snuck out of the house while Shaun was sleeping or put him in his dads arms and said, “I’m going outside,” but I haven’t. I have a million excuses, but mostly it’s hot out and I’ve gotten rather lazy when the temperature creeps above 95. And I like hot weather.

So last night I decided it’s time to ride as I want to go to a barrel race in two weeks, so I better get after it. I almost wimped out when I got out of the pickup at the house and there was a stiff 30 mph wind and it was in the 90s. But once horseback I was glad I did.

We have three horses at our house, Kate, my mare and the little bay mare. They all three can be ridden but one is rough to ride and not much fun and the other is a lot younger than I like. Mine is just perfect and at this point in her life, fun to ride. It’s very easy to crawl on the most familiar horse on the place. And I’m perfectly happy with that.

The mares come in for their evening meal.

My husband has told me that I could take the little bay mare and see if I want to run barrels on her. Since he has said this I have been on her a grand total of one time. I rode her in the round pen, and she’s soft, responsive and buries her butt in the ground. I’ve seen her “work” in the pasture and pen. She is athletic and catty. Looks as though she would be fun to ride.

My sister keeps asking me when I’m going to start riding the little bay mare. My friend Mindy keeps emailing me leads on other horses. They seem to think I need another horse. I’m perfectly happy with my 20-year-old mare. We’ve gotten along just fine these last 14 years together. Even my horseshoer asked when I was going to ride something different.

I hate to admit it, but I really don’t want to ride any other horse than my mare. She’s turned into one of those “once in a lifetime” horses and no other horse will live up to her. I’ve been places and accomplished goals with her that I never thought possible. Sure, that might mean when she’s gone that I will either quit riding all together or start something else. It’s hard to imagine not riding, so I guess I better get used to riding another horse sooner rather than later.

On one of those afternoons I was sitting on my butt in the house watching Shaun play I thought about how my life has changed. From 2003 to 2009 in the months of May/June/July/August my life was consumed with Kansas Professional Rodeo Association rodeos. I was either worried about getting through on the phone line to get entered in the performance I wanted or what the ground was going to be like when I got to the rodeo. A lot of the time I would leave on a Friday afternoon and not come back home until the early morning hours of Sunday. I’d sometimes hit a jackpot during the week as well.

I have a wall in my home office with a lot of the photos of my mare and I running barrels. My husband calls it my shrine. I call it a lot of hard work, accomplishments and goals. I can never have too many photos of my horse running barrels and went looking for some. Found them on a local photographers website,

Here’s a couple I found.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of these days I will get another horse, whether it be Spence’s little bay mare, or something I buy myself. It will just be in my own time.

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