Wind is a dirty word

I grew up in western Kansas, so I should know what to expect with the weather. I currently live in western Kansas, so I know what the weather is capable of. The wind blows in western Kansas, and I know this. See a pattern here? You would think I’d be used to the wind. I’m not. I despise it.

The last couple of days we have been under some sort of wind advisory, wind warning or a fire danger advisory. Nothing new in this part of the word. The last two days we have had high temperatures. Saturday it was 85 and yesterday it was in the 90s.

My sister and I hosted a barrel race in Garden City on Saturday. We initially scheduled the race to be held indoors because it was the end of March and you never know what the weather will do in western Kansas. The forecast on Wednesday was saying 85 and light wind for Saturday. We decided to move it outdoors. We get to Garden City to set up for the race, and of course, the wind has to blow. Not bad, but enough to be an annoyance.

Yesterday we went to Elkhart for a barrel race and boy was it nice when we got there. It was cool enough to need a jacket and a very light breeze. I even mentioned to a friend that I’m not even going to say anything about how nice it is without with w-i-n-d. Spelling it out made me think the man upstairs wouldn’t hear me complain. But by the time it was our turn to run the wind had picked up and it was getting to not be very much fun to be out in it. The drive home was not much fun in my short-bed pickup and the wind pushing us around. We did make it home in one piece.

Now I hope this wind is blowing in some rain for us. At least the wind might be good for something..


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