Howling wind

Yesterday I worked at home and by mid morning the tin flapping on the shed outside the back door was about to drive me nuts. Thankfully, the volume on the TV and my little boy’s babbling partially drown out the sound. Remind me to help my husband when he’s tacking the tin back on the half-falling down shed..The old shed

The old shed

The bad side of the shed. Taken before the house was built.

Wind is nothing new where I live. Most of Western Kansas was under a wind advisory yesterday and it was extended to today. I despise listening to the wind blow outside our house and as I tried to open the back door to go feed the horses it only solidified that hate. And I don’t hate very many things.

I worry about the wind even more since my husband started trucking two years ago. When he was hauling grain, it wasn’t as worrisome, but now that he’s hauling hay – large oversize loads that are much taller than the grain buggy – I picture the truck getting pushed by the 40 to 50 mph gusts. Today, he was smart and opted to stay home. But some days he has to push through, literally.

But there’s got to be something good from having the wind blow occasionally, right? Surely there is. When I find it I will let you know.

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